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High-Key Photography

Journey at Home Day 25

Lisa Langell is a successful photographer ( who specializes in photos used for interior design. Her style is high-key, which turns out to have a minimalist look that complements modern interiors. Today I attended a webinar she gave on using high-key style to photograph nature, specifically animals. The seminar was primarily about how to set up a high-key shot, but she also spent some time describing how people can reprocess their archival photos to have a high-key look. I tried this on four photos. I can't say that I have the technique quite right, but this is certainly a new look for me. It was fun to try something new.

This is a view of the Atacama region from the window of the hotel in which I stayed. The high-key style results in a histogram that is skewed quite harshly into the white, with not many midtones or darker colors.

This photo is Glen taking photos while kneeling on the salt plain of Bolivia.

This is Derek looking out for bears in the high arctic. There was a dense fog, which is why I though this could work well in high-key.

Finally, I took this image of a flower indoors in front of a white board, but processed it to get a high-key effect.

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