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Hiking in Snowbird

When most people think of Snowbird, they imagine skiing downhill. For me, it means hiking downhill. After getting off the tram at the top of Hidden Peak (11,000 feet elevation), I started my 3,000 foot descent on the Cirque trail. The first section of the Cirque is a ridge with 360 degree views. This hiking-only trail warns skiers not to enter. With sharp drop offs on either side, I can see why skiing—and mountain biking—aren’t recommended.

The tram, where the trail begins, is in the distance.

The ridge is dry, windy, and rocky with the sort of rocks that roll underneath hiking boots. The Cirque trail ends with a few gentle switchbacks that connect to the Peruvian gulch trail. I heard reports of moose sightings in this area, but didn’t encounter any while traversing it. The one constant on the entire hike was the wildflowers. As the elevation changed, so did the mix of flowers.

These flowers were especially aromatic.

The lower part of the Peruvian was closed for repair, so we were detoured to a dirt road that, in winter, was an easy ski trail. By the time I got back down to 8,000 feet I was ready to rest my downhill muscles even though I had hiked only 3.5 miles.

View from the lower part of the trail.

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