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Hiking the Pyramid Trail

Guana Island has 12 miles of trails, but from what I can tell, guests rarely hike them. There are many reasons, the chief being that most people prefer to play in warm turquoise waters. Temperature and trail conditions are obstacles for many. I don't do well hiking in temperatures greater than 75 degrees and in the sun. I would have to start hiking very early in the morning to guarantee success. Glen wasn't keen to get up early, so our friend Bill agreed to meet me at 6:30 AM and show me where the Pyramid Trail begins.

The Pyramid trail circumnavigates the hill where the cell tower and other communication gear is. The owner insisted that the gear be installed without a road, and from what I can tell without a trail. The installation team had to schlep the gear through thick vegetation. If anyone needs to maintain the equipment, they'll need to bushwhack their way to the top, as the Pyramid trail does not go to the top.

I stumbled out of the cottage in time to meet Bill at the "traffic circle" (a name for the turnaround point for the golf cart/utility vehicles). Then much to my surprise he led me back to the cottage and showed me that the unsigned Pyramid trail starts in front of my porch. We took the left fork of the circular trail to ensure we wouldn't be in the sun.

The trail was rocky, with lots of tree roots and uneven ground next to drop offs. It was clear to me that this wasn't built by professional trail builders (like in National Parks) nor is it maintained. Without my hiking pole, I don't think I would have managed. This trail had mild ups and downs, but other trails in Guana have steep sections.

Hopping over rocks and roots was worth it for the views.

There were quite a few cactus on the trail, including barrel cactus and this variety.

By the time I returned at 8:00 AM the temperature was beyond my hiking comfort zone. Breakfast revived me. I decided that the best way to get exercise on Guana is to kayak, snorkel, and swim, not to hike. There are many walks though—to and from the beach, the salt pond, and the orchard. I'll stick to those. Still, it was a great way to start the day.

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