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I ❤️ New York

I love New York not only because I was raised in upstate, but because the state is fabulous. NYC is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world while the Adirondack Mountains are serene and wild. My last trip there, in 2019, included both the city and the country. While in the city, I admired the architecture of the Hudson Yards development, saw a few plays, visited museums, attended a taping of the Trevor Noah show, ate a pizza slice, and jostled along with the crowds on the High Line. It was noisy, it was hectic, but I loved it.

For a complete contrast, I then went to Lake Placid. It was slightly off season, so the area was even more placid than its name suggests. The place we stayed still had campfires at night, complete with Smores fixings.

When I was at an event in San Jose yesterday, someone was describing their adventures during a recent trip to NYC. It's time for me to start planning a trip there!

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