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Journey at Home Day 22

I survived going into town to get groceries. I now have fresh food. I am happy! Thanks to Flights Restaurant, I didn't need to go into an actual grocery store and wander around. I drove into Flights parking lot, told the person who was standing six feet away what I wanted. Then I parked until the order was ready. I popped the trunk from inside the car. They loaded the food. I drove away. (They take contact-free payment too.)

You have to be adventuresome and flexible to shop there. They sell a box of vegetables and a box of fruit. You get what's in the box, so you can't be picky. Normally I wouldn't buy a pineapple. Now I have one, so the recipe for pineapple stuffed with curried lentils sounds pretty good to me now.

Eggs come in one size—a flat of 30. Yum. Deviled eggs are in my future. I also think I have enough ingredients to make chocolate brownies. I thought I'd have steak for dinner. But I hadn't realized the meat products would be frozen. No problem. The sun is sure to rise tomorrow. Milk is by the gallon, which is far too much for me. But it freezes.

They sell cocktails-to-go by the 6-pack, but I opted for some wine and vodka. They have a limited selection of wine, but this gives me a chance to try new things. At half off, such a deal. For liquor, there are two choices: vodka or tequila.

Tito's American-made vodka claims to be both gluten free and pet friendly. Both seem bogus to me. Vodka shouldn't have gluten in it unless the pastry chef falls in the vodka vat with a bag of flour. Pet friendly? I do hope they mean that they support pet shelters and they are not advocating pet drinking. Or maybe they are advocating drinking while your pet listens to your life story? I'll need to investigate. In the mean time, I'm off to find recipes to fit my hoard.

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