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Journey at Home: Beyond Netflix

Day 5

Several news sites recently published suggestions for what to stream or rent while sheltering in place. I pulled together a few of my favorites from the documentary studies class that I am taking. They are all under an hour; some less than 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Hell You Talmbout (8m 18sec)

Stars kids from Seattle’s Northwest Tap Connection. This film-art fusion piece is a protest against police brutality and a memorial for the black men who have been killed by police. (The title confused me until I watched the piece—Hell you, Tell me about! )

The Painter of Jalouzi (5m 39sec)

The story of how one man is making Jalouzi, Haiti a better place to live.

Stella Artois Up There (12m 46sec)

A fascinating look at the soon-to-be-forgotten art of painting ads on tall buildings.

From One Second to the Next (34m 55sec)

From director Werner Herzog, and funded by a consortium of phone companies, this documentary tells four stories that will convince you never to use your phone while driving.

Heroines of Health (28m 55sec)

Portrays three amazing female health care workers from three countries—India, Indonesia, and Kenya. First released on Instagram as minute-a-day segments for one month.

Fires in the Mirror (48m)

Anna Deveare Smith portrays a variety of people, using their own words, who were involved in the 1991 racial strife in a Brooklyn neighborhood.


This website has dozens of virtual reality titles in a variety of genres.

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