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Journey at Home: Ideas & Diversions

Day 10

I've been getting a lot of links from friends of performances along with a few interesting ideas. I'll start with Carol's toilet paper delivery service in Northern California. (TP photo and video courtesy of SHOAFFoto.)

Don't get too excited, her drone has a limited range, so you need to be an immediate neighbor to enlist her help. If you have a drone and want to help out your neighbors, she advises that you first check the maximum payload that the drone can carry.

Glen (Los Gatos) alerted me to a video that Alma Deutscher created to lift people's spirits. When Alma was 12, she came to San Jose, where her opera Cinderella was performed with Opera San Jose. She also premiered and performed her violin concerto (written when she was 9 years old) with Symphony Silicon Valley. In this most recent video, she is 15 years old.

Laura (Seattle) suggests an uplifting ragtime. In the spirit of COVID-19, she recommends the Buck Fever Rag.

Don (Upstate New York) alerted me to this amazing feat of synchronized singing. Listen to Over the Rainbow by the Chino Hills (CA) High School Chamber Choir.

Janice (Los Altos, CA) recommends Van Morrison's rendition of Ballerina / Move On Up. This live performance is wonderful.

For something completely different, Glen recommends hearing a performance on pedal harpsichord. It's an unusual instrument, but Scott Joplin performed by E. Power Biggs sounds amazing.

I must end with post with some Irish music because I've been practicing various pieces on my penny whistle and my guitar. I don't know this piece, but Janice suggested I learn it—Fisherman's Blues by The Waterboys. Check out this live recording.

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