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Journey at Home: Photo Submission Prep

Day 11

The end of each month signals submissions day. I am a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and the Los Gatos Saratoga Camera Club. Each organization provides an opportunity for its members to get feedback on one or more photos. This month I am preparing five photos. The PSA grew to have members in 80 countries so it now calls itself PSA-Worldwide. One of its benefits is the Digital Dialogue. These online groups consist of 4 to 8 PSA members who provide feedback on each other's images, and do so in a positive manner. The idea is to post a photo for which you want to hear suggestions. There are typically a range of expertise in a group, so it's a great way to learn some new techniques and get the perspective of people outside your normal circle of friends and family. I am a member of two PSA digital dialogue groups: Group 16 and Group 77. Group 16 has members from India, Europe, and various parts of the USA. It is general group, meaning that members can submit photos of any type—nature, monochrome, photojournalism, travel, and so on. Group 77 is a Fine Art group, meaning that its members strive to create images that are more artistic. Our group has had a lot of discussion as to what exactly "fine art" means. This month, for Group 16, I am working on this image (still in progress) which I took in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. I was walking around town and came upon a small parade. The original picture had a lot of distractions in it, mainly tourists and clashing colors. If you look closely, you'll see I still have work to do. But I plan to complete it by the weekend.

For Group 77, I am posting the turkey that I discussed in another post. Here it is again. I spent time using various tools to give it a "painterly" look. Whether my colleagues will consider it "fine art" or not remains to be seen.

I plan to submit one travel image, one monochrome, and one color pictorial. The travel image (Room With a View) was taken from a tent while on a trek in the Himalaya mountains in Bhutan. The mountain is Jitchu Drake, elevation 22,856 feet (6662 meters).

While in Santiago, Chile, I snapped this image, which I call Our Lady of Cell Service. It was a dark day, so I decided to convert the image to monochrome. I also added a few clouds to give texture.

The feather imae is something I captured while hiking in the high arctic on very desolate land.

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