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Journey at Home: Photography Challenge

Day 16

This might be my 16th day at home, but it was my first day taking the Stuck at Home Photography Challenge. The challenge actually started on March 16, so I am behind. However, I'll have plenty of time to catch up because the Governor added 30 more days to the shelter-in-place order. You can find out about the challenge on Joe Edelman's You Tube channel.

Today Joe sat in his bathroom and photographed what was supposed to be a back scrubber favored by his wife. Rectangular in shape, one side was full of little protrusions good for scrubbing. The other side was little suction cups. It was colorful and looked clean. Joe used both zoom and macro lenses, hand-held, with available light. The idea is that photographers who don't have fancy setups should be able to follow.

The idea was to create an abstract by taking closeups. He showed how he pares down hundreds of images to a handful. Then how he approaches processing and finally further elimination.

I chose two items for my close-up work: an Inuit yo yo made from polar bear fur and a mossy log. I found a few miniature flowers and a mushroom to put on the log. The first image I named "A Flea's View of a Polar Bear." As you can see, a polar bear's fur isn't as white as it seems. I has some black mixed in and also a brownish tinge in parts. Most people don't get close enough to a polar bear to notice this detail. Those who do probably don't live to describe the fur.

The second image is a miniature scene, so it's not as abstract as the fur. Both the mushroom and the flower are tiny. I had to place the flower using a tweezers, being careful not to destroy it in the process. I decided to give the scene a sketchy look. This is what I came up with.

I wouldn't have thought of creating either image if it was not for Joe Edelman's challenge. I look forward to the next.

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