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Journey at Home: What a Mess!

Day 17

Now that I've thrown myself into doing more photography tutorials and challenges, I realize that I've created a mess. If you walked into my "studio" you'd see an assortment of glasses and an open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter. Drinking my way through shelter-in-place? No!

The wine bottle contains colored water. (Okay, I did have to drink the wine before refilling it with colored water. Minor point.) You can see the food coloring. I hope you also notice that the color of the liquid in the wine glass to the left of the bottle does not match any white wine color that I know of (or would drink). All fake.

I am using the kitchen table for a macro photography setup with a black back drop.The Platypod is a cool little contraption. It's a small, portable tripod that allows for adding two goose necks. You can attach of number of devices on them, including clamps to hold items to photograph. Here, I am using two Lume Cubes for lighting. It is a perfect setup for photographing mice, insects, and anything tiny. Yesterday I setup a mossy log with a tiny mushroom and a few flowers. You can see that image on my Photos 1 page.

This is a nice space because I get natural side lighting from the window. I can have as much or as little natural overhead lighting by closing and opening the shades on the four skylights. Notice the empty CD cases. Now that CDs are a thing of the past, I found they make great "risers" when I need to adjust the height of what I want to photograph.

Taking photos of glass is trickier because the lighting has to be controlled. I turned the nightstand into a setup that has a white backdrop and an area where I can set back lighting. The blinds close and I have a few other ways to control ambient lighting. It's not the best, but it is workable.

Considering the time I'm taking to capture and process the photos on my Photos pages, you might think the photos on this page would be better. But they are quick snaps taken with an older iPad that doesn't have a very good camera. The images give you an idea of the state of my environment. It's a mess, but it is a good mess!

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