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Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Super Yachts

Guana Island is private, but anyone can land on the beach as long as they stay below the high water mark. Although Guana has many beaches, the biggest white sand beaches are on White Bay. Many people who rent small yachts on Tortola Island moor in the bay and shuttle to the beach for a swim. White Bay is also popular with the super yacht set. You can see the smaller, rental yachts in front and the super yachts farther back. (The boat on the right that looks like a cruise ship is someone's yacht.)

Some of the regulars at Guana Island have a marine app that identifies boats—the name, size, and so on. The regulars remarked that this is the most boats they've see in the bay. It might be because BVI (British Virgin Islands) just had a holiday so many people took a long weekend.

When I say regulars, I mean people who vacation here year after year. One couple has been coming here for 40 years. Others, for 10, 20, or more. People tend to come at the same time each year, so they have Guana friendships. Despite the fact we are newbies, people are friendly. Guana encourages everyone to sit at different tables (they make assignments at dinner) so it is easy to meet people. It is a rather nice arrangement.

This morning we kayaked from one end of the bay to the other. We were tempted to stop at a super yacht and ask for Gray Poupon mustard, but lost our nerve. In the afternoon, we snorkeled at the rocky end of the bay. I saw dozens of varieties of fish, spiny urchins, and a medium sized sea snail. There isn't any colorful coral here. I saw one brain coral that was partially bleached. But I did see several types of fish that I've not seen before including a honeycombed cowfish.

In the evening we went over to the Garden of Eden (see previous post) to watch the sunset. There were quite a few clouds, so tonight's sunset was completely different from yesterday. It was still magnificent.

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