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Let's Celebrate High School Graduates

Journey at Home Day 62

Graduating from high school marks a big milestone. It's an indicator that a person has some basic knowledge, but it is also a step towards adulthood and independence. For some, it will mean parting ways with high school friends to move on to work or college. In Fall 2019, I imagine all the high school seniors who joyously started counting down the days to graduation and the celebrations that surround it. Now I imagine that many are saddened by the anticlimactic end to this chapter of their life.

Today I was delighted to email from Emerson Collection announcing America Honors the High School Class of 2020. The event will be shown tonight on all the major networks and streaming channels. President Barack Obama, LeBron James, and others will appear for the more than 3 million graduating seniors. Those who want can download a Virtual High School Graduation Toolkit.

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