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Longing for London

For awhile, Glen and I were traveling to London almost yearly. The last time was in November 2019. We would have gone in 2020 had Covid not come on the scene. While I do hope to get to Ireland this year, England isn't on the horizon anytime soon. So I started going back through my photos and came upon some taken in 2009. This one is from the hotel room in which we stayed at The Chesterfield.

The hotel prides itself as "quintessentially British" and indeed it was. A small hotel, located in the posh Mayfair district, it is located on a quiet street, just down the block from the Saudia Arabian embassy. The service was impeccable. It's one of those places where they remember everyone's name, someone is always there to open the front door, and umbrellas appear when needed. Umbrellas are needed quite a bit in London.

I enjoyed staying in Mayfair because of its proximity to the Underground line. One can pop off the plane and take the tube to within a few blocks of the hotel. There are other advantages too. Mayfair has the Handel & Hendrix Museum, the house in which both musicians lived. The top floor is devoted to Hendrix, with recreations of the rooms decorated as they were when he lived there. The other floors are devoted to Handel. The museum hosts live performance of both Handel and Hendrix, but not at the same time. When I was there, a musician played Handel on a historic keyboard. Good times! One day I'll return to London.

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