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My Favorite London Hotel

More than two years have passed since my last trip to London. It's one of my favorite cities because it its circular layout make it extremely walkable and it is full of things to do—theater, museums, art galleries, all kinds of musical groups, restaurants, and some of the best hotels.

My favorite is Hotel 41. Located just across the street from The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. The outside of the hotel is understated. It is simply a door with its street number, 41, as it is located on 41 Buckingham Palace Road. Just inside the door is a greeter who guides guests to an elevator that takes them to the top floor of the building, which is where the hotel is. It occupies the entire floor.

The reception area is in the middle, in a room that resembles a library, with fireplaces and sitting areas where guests have breakfast and gather for evening drinks and snacks. The rooms are small, but well-appointed, each being decorated differently but within a black-and-white scheme.

The service is impeccable. Guests are made to feel that the hotel is their home. A generous snacking buffet appears each evening. That and nonalcoholic beverages are complimentary. The hotel is very quiet even though on a busy street. Its on the fifth floor contributes to the serene atmosphere. It's walking distance to Victoria Station, but most times I've stayed there, I've found it easy to walk to such places as Covent Garden, Thames, and National Theater.

The prices are quite high, but the times I've stayed I have managed to get a deal that has made it comparable to lesser priced hotels. The times I haven't found a good deal, I've opted to stay in other hotels. Nothing has been as wonderful at Hotel 41.

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