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My Inner Gardener is Here to Stay

Last year my friends convinced me to grow vegetables. Reluctantly, I got two elevated, raised beds for my back porch and then found an assortment of plants. I had no excuse not to try gardening because, with the pandemic, I wasn't going anywhere. That meant I could water and tend to the plants. I actually enjoyed fussing over them and then using fresh produce in my cooking. (A squash blossom.)

Now that I am vaccinated, I have the freedom to travel. Rather than abandon the garden, I now have an automated watering system. I recently went on a 10-day trip, and the plants were still alive and thriving when I returned. In fact, now that I have the setup—raised beds, watering system, fertilizer—it is pretty easy. This year I grew tulips and daffodils in the spring. This summer I have eleven kinds of vegetables and a three types of flowers. Now that my inner gardener has been released, there is no going back. Another positive outcome of the pandemic. (A dahlia.)

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