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No Sharks at Sharks Fin Cove

Sharks Fin Cove is easy to miss if you come speeding down the Cabrillo Highway. The rock, named for its shape, isn't visible from the road. With a map program, it is easy to locate and find the pullout where you can park and then take the short walk to the view point.

The only photos that I've seen of Sharks Fin have been astro-landscapes taken by my colleagues in the Los Gatos-Saratoga Camera Club. They typically make the hike into the cove and set up the equipment necessary to freeze the start in the sky. I didn't realize the steepness of the trail into the cove. So I opted to enjoy the view from above where I could avoid have to schlep, and possible drop, my camera. It is a gorgeous site from above.

When I turned around, I saw an abandoned rail road track, rusted and overgrown. Traveling by train down the California Coast would have been a beautiful ride. Although there is a Coast Starlight route, it doesn't travel this stretch of the coast.

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