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Not As Fast As I Thought

I went to Sunnyvale Skate Park today hoping to see some amazing action—skateboarders catching air, speeding up and down concrete surfaces. Alas, I was a bit disappointed. Prior to today, the only skateboarders that I've seen on a real skateboard course were pros, like Tommy Hawk. The typical local skateboarder is much more cautious.

I expected the young kids who were there with parents and skateboard teachers to slow and careful, and they were. But the adults didn't do any 900's or even a 360! They glided down one side and up the other, with an occasional jump, or rather hop.

My purpose is going to the skate park was to practice photographing action, using various exposure settings. Some of the settings were designed to capture a blurred image, but no one was going fast enough to blur. I would have had to put on a special filter, which defeated the purpose of the assignment. Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching. I ended up to to another park with swings. Glen can really whip up the action on a swing, so I was able to complete my assignment using him as my model.

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