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Pigeon Point Lighthouse

I took a road trip to visit some of the photogenic spots on the coast between San Gregorio and Capitola. Although I've been down that stretch of highway many times, I have never stopped at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. On Tuesday, when I finally visited, it was a wonderfully sunny day, but extremely windy which made for a chilling effect. By the time I finished viewing the lighthouse from all angles and taking photos, I could no longer feel my fingers!

The yellow flowers in this image were all over the coast—fields and fields of them. It made for a spectacular dive. The lighthouse itself has ben closed for repairs since 2001. One wonders if, after more than 20 years, those repairs will happen, although the restoration page claims the park is ready to fix the lighthouse once the funds are allocated. It is still a lively place because there is a hostel on the grounds.

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