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Pineapple With Curried Lentils

Journey at Home Day 61

Although I am not vegetarian, I love vegetables. When I want a substantial meal of just vegetables, Vegetarian Epicure has never failed me. I got the first edition in college, wore it out, and had to buy another. The ripe pineapple sitting on my counter was crying out to be stuffed with curried lentils.

It's a fairly easy recipe—2 cups or so of cooked lentils, a couple of tomatoes, spices to make a curry, and vinaigrette sauce. The most difficult part is getting the pineapple out of its skin so that you can use the empty pineapple as a bowl. The dish is eaten cold, so it's a great item to make ahead. There is always more salad than space in the pineapple, so you are guaranteed leftovers.

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