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Retrospective 2022: Presentations

I was invited to give two presentations about past travel, the first for the Georgia Photography Club, a member of the Photographic Society of America. They contacted me because I previously signed up to give a presentation on my trip through Northwest Passage to any PSA club that was interested. So in March, I logged on to zoom for a one hour presentation, Out of the Northwest Passage. That trip was special because our ship was the first, and only, to visit the site of the HMS Erebus.

The woman who runs the Armchair Travelers group of the Los Gatos Chapter of AAUW (American Association of University Women) is also a member of the local camera club to which I belong. She typically asks members of the camera club to talk about their recent travels. So in May, I logged on to Zoom to give a presentation of sailing through the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. That trip was also special because I got to see the rare Kermode, or Spirit, bear. It was quite rainy on that trip, so I convinced Glen to provide some of his photos on the condition that I would put together and give the actual presentation. His camera works better in low-light and rainy conditions.

I made a video version of each presentation and posted them to Vimeo. I added a music soundtrack rather than record the narration I gave in the presentation. With music, each is about 8 minutes long. If I recorded a narration, you’d have to sit through 45 minutes to an hour of my talking!

Out of the Northwest Passage. The video soundtrack is that of David Newland, who was one of the singer-songwriters on our trip. If you want to learn about the history and other aspects of the trip, you can read the narration here:

Sailing the Great Bear Rainforest. Music by Peter White.

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