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Retrospective 2023: The 365 Day Project

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) has a 365 Day Project for photographers to submit an image a day for a year. PSA supplies a word and the image is supposed to reflect that word. There are no rules other than a submission based on an assigned word.

If you search the internet, you will find other such projects. Some require that the image be taken on that day and that it acts as a journal of the photographer's life. Not so with PSA, which is good. If I had to take an image on the same day of the word assignment, it would happen. For example, given the word "Church" I'd either have to:

  • Drive 30 minutes to find one

  • Draw a picture of a church and photograph it

  • Decide that "church" was open to interpretation and take a photo of a tree

Instead, I decided to take an image when it made sense to do so. When it didn't, I perused my image library of more than 30,000 images and chose one of those. If I selected an image from my image library, then I challenged myself to process the image again, in a new way, using post-processing skills that I learned over the past two years.

This turned out to be a good approach because I reacquainted myself with images from past trips. Images that I previously thought weren't that great turned out to be pretty good after I processed them to correct exposure. For images that were taken with older, lower resolution digital cameras, I was able to apply a set of AI (artificial intelligence) tools to decrease noise and increase resolution.

There are some words from the assignment: family, seeing double, quickest, nervous, mitten, consider. As you can see, some are objects and some are less tangible. What depicts "nervous"?

My year of images.

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