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Spacing Out

Journey at Home Day 23

I had an eggs-ceptional morning! Today's abstract photography challenge was to photograph an egg. It was fortunate that I purchased eggs during my shopping excursion yesterday. Of the dozens of images I captured, I pared them down to four. The first one I call A Rip in the Fabric of Space Time. Yes, there is an egg in its shell in this photo.

I've been watching many episodes of The Expanse, so I think that's where the space theme comes in. This image is Derelict Space Station. You can barely make out the planet over which the station orbits. Same egg, different pose!

The next two images are from the same base image, just different post processing. The first one is Don't Look Into the Sun.

The next one I call Dead Planet. Same egg in both photos. From a distance, an egg shell looks smooth. But when you look at one carefully, you will see a lot imperfections. I think that's what makes them interesting subjects.

The egg was unharmed in the making of these images. I have returned it back to the safety of its carton.

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