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Staying Warm

When yesterday's temperatures dipped to 36 degrees, I thought it was cold. But this morning it was even colder at 30 degrees. Those of you in a cold state, like North Dakota or Alaska may think that's balmy weather, but for a Bay Area California person, it's both unusual and chilling. I made a fire in the wood stove. I first burned a wax log and later on added wood. Cozy!

The small bit of snow that fell last night looks wonderful against the green grass and yellow daffodils. I will appreciate the view as it is sure to melt by tomorrow. Unfortunately even this small amount of snow creates havoc for Californians in my area. The 30-degree temperature has most certainly created black ice on the roadways. Shortly after I awoke today I heard the sound of a siren. There is a curvy section of road about a half mile from my house that's notorious for black ice. When it forms, at least one person takes the turn too fast and spins out of control.

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