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The word of the day is Tanks. It could be a noun. It could be a verb. The 365 project leaves it up to the maker to decide. One thing was clear to me, tank is plural.

tank | taNGk |


1 a large receptacle or storage chamber, especially for liquid or gas.

2 a heavy armored fighting vehicle

3 a cell in a police station or jail.


1 fill the tank of a vehicle with fuel:

2 fail completely, especially at great financial cost

After reading the definition, I realized that trying to convey a verb is a bit trickier than a noun. At least verb definition 2 would be tricky. I suppose I could drive to a gas station and fill up the car, but it seemed like a lot of effort. With no fighting vehicle and no jail handy, I opted to depict the first definition of the noun form, as I have a 500 gallon propane tank on the property. The only problem is that there is only one tank. With a little post processing magic, I was able to flip the image of the tank to get two of them. I went further by applying a treatment that made the white tank looks more metallic. And here it is.

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