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The First Day on Guana Island

We spent our first afternoon on Guana Island enjoying the shade of a very long needled tree on the beach. I think it is an Australian pine (casuarina equisetifolia) because its needles are segmented, similar to a horsetail. The original owner brought many non-native species to the island, so it seems plausible he brought this tree. I haven't seen another like this. It is well placed on the beach, close to the bar.

Bougainvillea is a common site here by the buildings and on the road to the pier.

All the beautiful flowers and bushes make Guana Island look like a garden. So when our friend suggested we meet at the Garden of Eden to watch the sunset, I was amused. But there is an area that overlooks the sea and is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The island in the front is Jost Van Dyke and the island to the left and in back is St. John.

The skies over Guana are dark. I enjoyed looking at the stars before heading to bed. It was a wonderful end to our first day on Guana Island.

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