The First Happy Hour

Emerging from sheltering at home is like being born again. Many things that I took for granted before, are supremely enjoyable now like:

  • Hosting lunch for a few friends

  • Attending a small house concert

  • Visiting my hair stylist

  • Buying new pants

  • Enjoying Happy Hour

This weekend I headed out to look for a Happy Hour in Los Gatos. Most of the places that hosted Happy Hour prior to the pandemic had not yet reinstated one. But Andalé, a Mexican restaurant on Santa Cruz Avenue, had. It wasn't a restaurant that I'd normally visit, but now that Santa Cruz Avenue has outdoor seating up and down the street, I decided to try Andalé. It was wonderful to watch cars on one side and people walking on the other, as I sipped a Margarita and munched nachos and Baja shrimp. It was the first Happy Hour that I attended in more than two years. I am looking forward to other post-pandemic firsts.

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