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The Joy of Water

With temperatures at almost 90 degrees, Seattle residents who were suffering a meltdown headed for the fountain at the Seattle Center to cool down. I was there to take photographs as part of a street photography workshop, so I suffered on the sidelines as I lugged around my camera gear. I really didn't suffer, as I took great joy is seeing the sheer delight of children and adults as they embraced the cool liquid that rained down on them.

This kid brought a smile to my face--fighting water with water! Take that you water fountain. Do you think you can spray me and get away with it?

This girl was typical of many of the children at the fountain who ran round and round the fountain until they were exhausted.

At times, the fountain seems to have a personality of its own. Just when people are at a frenzy running through the cascading water, it turns itself off. People walk away dismayed. Then then start to approach slowly. More and more people walk up to the inert fountain, some hugging its dome. Then suddenly, the fountain erupts, causing many to run away screaming. This woman, however, burst into pure joy. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

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