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The Man in Red

In a desert that is mostly shades of brown and white, bright colors, especially red, can be quite striking. During my recent trip to Death Valley, I convinced Glen to wear some red clothing and at one point, a colorful blanket.

Badwater basin is always a favorite for me to visit because of the white octagonal salt deposits. Unfortunately the octagons were washed away by earlier rain, so the expanse that was normally white salt was brown and formless. In the many years that I've visited this location, this is the first time I've seen it without the octagons.

The pathway trod by tourists is alway white because of the constant erosion by walking. On this day, the white path was more spectacular than the octagon-free brown expanse. And it was even more so spectacular with the man in red.

In this photo, Glen contemplates the expanse of Death Valley. As we toured the valley, we would run into the same people. Glen became memorable to a few because of the red hat. It was a prop I purchased at a party store.

Finally, he agreed to pose in a red shirt so that I could practice creating an in-camera multiple exposure. The first exposure is of a cloth shower curtain taking using a zoom effect. The second is him posing. I call this The Beatific Boyfriend.

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