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The Sunless Sundial

The Sundial pedestrian bridge in Redding, California is one of the largest sundials in the world. It's so big that the arc it traces is good for telling time only from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. At other times, the shadow is cast out of range. In the winter, the angle of the sun casts the shadow out of range to tell time at any time of the day!

When I visited it in May, 2019, the sky was a flat gray, so the sundial wasn't telling time. No sun, not time. With all these constraints, one wonders how good of a sundial this is! Fortunately, the bridge is a stunning piece of architecture that's worth appreciating as a work of art. It doesn't need to tell time to justify its existence.

I pulled out a photo that I captured during that visit and used some processing skills that I recently learned for black and white photography. You can find out more about the Sundial here:

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