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The Turkey Boys

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

I wrote the following essay in a workshop on the literary essay. The constraints were to use the words mountain, turkey, and Carolina blue AND to make one long sentence. When you read this, try to read it aloud with one breath! (Image from EDF)

The Three Boys

My mountain property is host to many wild animals—mountain lions, skunks, fox, coyote, moles, voles, vultures, mice, bats, rats, quail, snails, bees, butterflies, blue jays with a color similar to Carolina Blue, and turkeys who I call my three boys because they hang out together all the time and were very shy when they first met me despite the fact I don’t own a gun and even if I did I would not shoot them but I think they finally realized that I would not shoot them because I started putting out cracked corn for them to eat which when they saw it they started to gobble and then pecked up that corn so fast I couldn’t believe it so I had to put out more and then pretty soon after about a week or so those three turkey boys would see me and come running over the hill towards me until they were about six feet from me—which is a good social distance in these times—and then come to a screeching halt until I put the seed on their favorite tree stump and moved away, at which point they would cautiously approach the corn and when realizing they were safe would eat with abandon.

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