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The Video Digital Dialogue

Digital Dialogues are small study groups sponsored by the Photographic Society of America. There are currently 99 groups, each of which has from five to eight members and a particular focus—monochrome, fine art, creative, travel, and so on. Each month, members submit one photograph and provide critiques of other people’s images. It’s a great way to improve photographic skills.

I recently learned that there is one group for video. I thought that by joining, it would be just the kick I need to take up video again. Because video is so time consuming, the requirement is to post one short video (< 5 minutes) every other month. The group wasn’t taking any new members until recently, when someone dropped out. I didn't have enough time to shoot and edit new footage for my first submission, so I made some small edits to a video I had done previously about The Ice Hotel in Sweden. I am looking forward to capturing new footage this year, starting next month when I travel to Death Valley.

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