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Uncruise: Unmasked and Untested

It has been two years since California had its residents sheltered in place because of Covid. Since then, the world has been under various health orders to mask, get vaccinated, tested, and so on. I am used to complying with the regulations although I find the testing to be the worst because, at least in California, testing for travel costs money and takes time. (Image from Uncruise website.)

Today, I received wonderful news that Uncruise, the Seattle-based adventure cruise company with whom I plan to travel with soon, is no longer requiring Covid testing prior to embarkation. Further, masks are optional and required only if landing sites require them. All passengers must, however, show proof of vaccination and boosting with one of the approved vaccines.

As you can see, this "ship" would be a small snack for one of the Carnival cruise ships. While they have thousands of passengers, the Safari Quest has only 22. A Carnival cruise ship could literally run over this boat and not feel a thing. Fortunately we will not be sailing any where the big boats do. The beauty of being on a small boat is that it can get into bays and waterways that the big ones do not fit in. Also, a boat this size is far more maneuverable for such things as following Orcas and other sea life. It feels good to start getting back to normal.

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