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Walking Through Lilliput

According to Gulliver's Travels, Lilliput was an island of tiny people who were only inches tall. I imagine that the flowers on the island would be tiny as well. For people only a few inches tall, flowers a quarter inch in diameter would make a nice bouquet. So when I was walking through my fields and saw tens of thousands of flowers, most about a quarter inch in diameter, I thought of Lilliput. If only I were a florist on that island, I would be able to make a fortune selling tiny bouquets.

I've always wanted to look out my window and see acres of flowers. But with these tiny flowers, I see mostly tall grasses with an occasional flower. The occasional flowers are inches in diameter like poppies. My view then, is mostly green with a spot of orange or pink here and there along with a few bunches of wild irises.

It is only when I take a walk, that I can see an appreciate all the tiny flowers. As much as I have wanted big wild flowers, the tiny ones encourage me to get outdoors, walk slowly, and bend down to appreciate the little blooms. It also gives me a chance to see the native bees and other bugs that are attracted to the flowers.

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