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We Are Winners!

The day-over-day increase in COVID-19 cases in the USA from November 1 to November 2 was about 83,000 people. The day-over-day increase from yesterday (Jan 9) to today (Jan 10) was 266,000. (Data from Johns Hopkins University. Image of a Houston hospital last July.)

On November 1, India, which has the number 2 spot for Global cases, was 944,000 cases behind us. There was a point back in September when I thought India might catch up with us and take the number 1 spot. On January 1, India still retains the number 2 spot, but our lead is getting even bigger. The USA is now almost 10 million cases ahead of India, which is more than 10 times the number we were in November

Our increase from July 4 to July 5 was roughly 46,000 cases. Brazil was in second place (1.2 million cases behind us) and India was in spot number 4. India has done a remarkable job rushing into second place, but I don’t think it will ever to be able to catch us now. We are the clear winners. There is no stopping the USA.

COVID-19 is not something a country should aspire to win at, although it seems the US Government’s flippant and uncoordinated response has been aiming exactly for that. Donald Trump hates to be a loser,. Perhaps this is the only event he thinks he can win. That, and being the first president to openly call for his supporters to take over the Capitol.

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