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Where to Find a Turtle?

tur·tle | ˈtərdl |


a slow-moving reptile, enclosed in a scaly or leathery domed shell into which it can retract its head and thick legs.

The word of the day for the 365-day project is turtle. Unfortunately, turtles are in short supply in my house and on the grounds. I did some quick research, and the first sentence I encountered on the Internet was: "There are very few species of turtles found in California." I gave up the search before I started. I then poured through past photos, but realized I had no photos of turtles. What to do? (Don't know what the 365-day project is? See:

When taking photos, it is frowned upon to submit photos that are photos of other people's works of art. I don't know of any turtle statues or painting around here, so I didn't have to concern myself with that rule. I decided, though, that if I created a turtle "work of art" and took its photo, then I would nail the word of the day and stay within the usual practices of photographers. That photo is above. But I wanted to do more, so I did some fancy post processing and submitted the photo before.

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