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Wildflower Season

Journey at Home Day 45

Today I decided to start taking photos of the wildflowers on the property in an effort to figure out what's growing. The challenge (as I mentioned yesterday) is that most flowers are very tiny. I have a macro (close-up) lens, but the flowers are so tiny that it is very difficult to get the entire flower in focus. I the did the best I could.

This bunch of flowers is in a shot glass. That should give you an idea of the size.

This flower is about one-quarter of an inch in diameter.

This is about one-half an inch.

And another very tiny one.

I think this is a California lupine. It's seems to be much smaller than the other varieties that I've seen in Montana. This, and the other flowers, are all photographed indoors on a moss background. So you don't see the stem here.

This wild iris is a giant among the others at 4 inches in diameter.

This is a very small flower from a bush that my landscaper planted. From a distance, it reminded me of a lady sleeper. At macro distance, it takes on another character.

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