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Redhead Walking

Today was unseasonably warm so I headed to Vasona Creek Park to work on my motion studies assignment. I had three objectives:

  1. Create a twirl image that is better than one I did a few days ago. (See Capturing Motion)

  2. Capture the motion of a moving subject with an in-focus background.

  3. Make a painterly image in-camera by following a subject and shaking the camera at the same time.

My favorite image of the day is Redhead Walking. Very few people walked directly in front of this stand of trees, so I was luck to be in the right place at the right time and to have just the right amount of shake to create what, to me, looks like a colored pencil sketch.

I took many shots on the main walking/running trail. I thought I would capture the motion of a runner, but my shutter speed was so slow (due to the filters I was using) that the runners barely appeared in the frame. I much better luck with walkers. I liked this image which I call The Dog Walkers.

Finally, I wasn't satisfied with the twirl image I took of a daffodil the other day as I thought the center needed more substance. So I experimented with Glen as my subject. I call this Portrait From Another Dimension. I captured his image outdoors, in the sunlight, with trees in the far background.

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