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The Farthest South I'll Ever Get

On January 16, 2023, Captain Oliver nosed the National Geographic Endurance into the Ross Ice Shelf. With this act, our ship became the first ship in the history of the world to get this far south. But, you say, people have been at the South Pole. Yes, but on foot, with dog sled, or more recently, by air.

Antarctica is surrounded by ice. The extent of the ice changes with the seasons. The summer season, combined with the effects of climate change, mean that there is less ice each year. The ice shelf is melting. How long will we hold this record? It is quite possible that Captain Oliver beats his own record on his next trip. If not this year, then in the next season or two. I'll likely not be on those trips, so 78 degrees 44 minutes 14 seconds south will be my southern record!

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