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Atlantic Canada, Here I Come!

I received email today from Adventure Canada about their small ship cruise in Atlantic Canada. I signed up for it some time ago, and now the starting date is within 3 months. All passengers must be fully vaccinated and comply with the testing requirements set up by the Canadian government. (Image from Adventure Canada.) So receiving this email is a good indication that the trip will actually happen.

In the email, Adventure Canada also announced the expedition crew, which includes a poet, several writers, a historian, an ornithologist, several Inuit cultural specialists, naturalists, and explorers. Margaret Atwood is oen of the writers. She joins other noted Canadian authors, including James Raffan.

I actually signed up for the 2020 sailing of this trip, but it was postponed until 2022. At that time, I have started working my way through the reading list in preparation for the trip. I finished several novels by Margaret Atwood and attended two seminars by James Raffan--a marvelous writer and speaker. It's time for me to get back to that reading list!

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